Davines SU SunProtection Range

Latest Products for Gorgeous from Davines 

SU/ is a new range of products released by the prestigious company that we are honoured to use Davines.

Davines create products to be eco friendly to our planet that are produced consciously in a self sustainable way.

 Their inspiration is built upon their care and respect for the world, the people and the environment they live in. Davines is an Italian company that are an ethical expert in professional suncare and skin care. They proudly create natural products in all of their ranges to deliver the best treatments for you.

All SU/ products are rich in vitamin C and a product called ‘Chinotto’, this is a citrus fruit that has anti inflammatory properties and antioxidants that act as a protector for your hair and skin cells from the damage caused by heat and prolonged sun exposure.

 Here is a list of their new range and how it can benefit you and how exactly it can make a difference to you at home.

 SU/ Hair & Body Wash

  • Excellent for using after sun exposure
  • Acts as a shampoo and a body wash
  • Rehydrates body and skin after sun exposure
  • Apply to wet hair and skin, emulsify and rinse, repeat if necessary

 SU/ Hair Mask

  • Exceptionally helpful for people who swim on a regular basis, it helps protect from chlorine and salt water, this would be particularly helpful for avid swimmers and holiday goers
  • Restores softness, hydration and shine
  • Rehydrates dry hair from sun and water damage
  • Apply to damp hair, leave for 5-15 min and rinse

 SU/ Hair Milk

  • A softening protective milk with UVB filters to protect hair colour and keep hair hydrated
  • Detangles hair leaving it shiny and soft
  • For sun protection during sun exposure
  • Apply to lengths and ends of damp hair as a leave in conditioner after shampooing, simply spray onto your hair and comb though to distribute evenly *do not rinse*

 SU/ Protective Sun Cream

  • Water resistant SPF 30 sunscreen for face and body with UVA and UVB protection
  • Prevents dehydration of the skin and protects against photoaging
  • Apply generously during and after sun exposure to the sun, repeat every two hours

SU/ Tan Maximiser

  • A natural way of maximising a tan, however, this has NO UVA or UVB protection
  • Helps skin prepare the skin for sun exposure
  • Apply to skin before sunscreen to ensure protection

 SU/ aftersun

  • Perfect for rehydration for sun exposed skin, particularly sunburn
  • A soothing gel to help cool, refresh and moisturise the skin and provides immediate relief to sunburnt skin
  • Apply to face and body after sun exposure

For more information pop into the salon or check out what Davines has to say about this range at http://www.davines.com/en/take-home/all/su


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