Why Do I Need Skin Test?


Explanation of Why I Need A Skin Test? 

Skin testing has become such a huge part of our salon culture over the last few years, it is so important for your safety but also for us, the stylists, as insurance companies are now really hot on what they will and won’t accept. 

 We are constantly updating our policies and procedures around this ever-changing world, and appreciate all of your continued support and understanding.

We offer a free in house allergy test (skin test) that can be carried out at your own convenience but must be at least 48 hours prior to any colour service you have with us.

Why is hypersensitivity to hair dye only becoming an issue now you might ask?

Well, it isn't only just becoming an issue now, but there has been a dramatic increase in hypersensitivity in recent years. An increase in incidents, and an increase in the severity and complexity.

This is compounded with an increasing trend towards the use of darker more...

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Book Recommendations

blog post Feb 16, 2021

This is a huge topic of discussion in our salon, especially coming up to the holiday season. 

With magazines eliminated from the salon due to the Coronavirus, we now see ladies glued to their phones or bringing in their own books.

It always fascinates me what book you guys choose and being an avid reader myself, I love to swap book choices and recommendations. Personally, I think you can tell a lot about a person by the book that they read. 

Whether you love fact or fiction the choice is endless and so I decided to put together a list of my favourites, starting with a doing book and a fiction book.

I have read both of these as they are on my list of favourites, I'll add more at a later date including book recommendations from our clients when we can all get back to the salon.

Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui by Karen Kingston

 If you're not into Feng Shui it doesn't matter a jot, the tips for clearing clutter in this little gem of a book...

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Coronavirus-Gorgeous Salon Closure & Reopening Information

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020

Tier 4 Lockdown-Re-opening Date Monday 12th April

Finally, we have a date to re-open. Boris confirmed last night Monday 22nd February that as long as his four criteria's are met we can reopen in 7 weeks time.

I don't know about you but getting back to work can not come soon enough for us. We have missed all our clients so much and can't wait to get back to what we do best.

More information will be posted later to let you know how we intend to get you all booked in after our zoom call meeting today (Tuesday 23rd February) at 3 pm.

Check-in with us tomorrow for a clear path to hair sanity LOL


Tier 4 Lockdown-26th December 2020

Unfortunately along with many other non-essential retail shops in the South East, we will be closed until further notice. 

We would like to thank all our wonderful clients for your help and support in these difficult times and we wish you all a Happy New Year, Hopefully, we will re-open very soon.

Check-in here for updates. 

Sending much...

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Reopening Gorgeous Hair Salon After The Lockdown

july 4th reopening salon Jun 09, 2020


We wanted to keep you updated with some helpful information to get you ready for your next appointment with us.
As you can imagine things are going to be a little bit different.
Despite all of the changes in our world right now, we are doing our very best to maintain the relaxing atmosphere that we worked hard to cultivate before this all started.

Client Journey-Appointment day
If you or anyone in your household have been feeling unwell we politely ask that you reschedule your appointment for a minimum of 14 days' time to avoid possible spread of the virus.

Arriving At The Salon

When you arrive for your appointment, please don't come straight into the salon as you normally would. Please either wait in your car and give us a call or stand at an appropriate distance from the door and give us a wave. We will either immediately invite you in or may ask you to wait a few minutes while we clear the reception area so that's it is safe for you to enter.

 Temperature Checks


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Coronavirus-Gorgeous Salon Closure & Reopening Information

22nd March 2020

It is with a sad and heavy heart I write this post.

 Due to this impossible nightmare situation, we have all found ourselves in and after long deliberation, we feel it would be irresponsible for us to stay open any longer.

 To keep our stylists, barbers, juniors, and our lovely, loyal clients safe, we have decided we have no option but to close indefinitely until it's safe for all of us to return.

 We are currently closing down our operation and some of us have decided not to return to the salon with immediate effect, however, a few stylists are making Tuesday 24th March our last day.

 We are in the process of contacting all our clients that still have an appointment, and would like to apologise to anyone who has been inconvenienced by our decision.

 We will return better, eager, and stronger and will keep you posted and entertained on our Facebook page. Please visit us there for updates. Gorgeous Hair Salon Facebook Page

Be kind, stay...

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Davines SU SunProtection Range

Latest Products for Gorgeous from Davines 

SU/ is a new range of products released by the prestigious company that we are honoured to use Davines.

Davines create products to be eco friendly to our planet that are produced consciously in a self sustainable way.

 Their inspiration is built upon their care and respect for the world, the people and the environment they live in. Davines is an Italian company that are an ethical expert in professional suncare and skin care. They proudly create natural products in all of their ranges to deliver the best treatments for you.

All SU/ products are rich in vitamin C and a product called ‘Chinotto’, this is a citrus fruit that has anti inflammatory properties and antioxidants that act as a protector for your hair and skin cells from the damage caused by heat and prolonged sun exposure.

 Here is a list of their new range and how it can benefit you and how exactly it can make a difference to you at home.


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